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Intercultural competence

The world is growing together, thanks to globalization we all live in an ever closer community – this brings with it possibilities and potential as the world has never known before. But with these opportunities come new challenges.

"Where there is companionship, there is success."

The social framework in which we grow up has a lasting impact on the way we deal with the world and we develop expectations for our environment.

Different social models program different expectations. These, often subconscious, expectations create conflict potential and can get in the way of your business and private life.


Learn how different models of society are structured, where challenges lie or where commonalities lie. How you can profit from them.

Because even from stumbling blocks that are put in your way, something beautiful can be built!

Intercultural Coaching

An assignment abroad or the takeover of an intercultural team - we prepare you for all stumbling blocks.

Open training

Heterogeneous groups offer the best learning opportunities - take part in our regular open trainings.

Intercultural competence 4.0

Home office and global teams are virtually faced with a particularly big challenge.

Inhouse training

Special challenges require training that is tailored to you and your team.