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„You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.“

about me

Uli Wagner - Psychologist, Philosopher and Behavioral and D.I.S.C.® Trainer

The “striving for more” is what makes us human, so I have set myself the goal of bringing out the best in my clients.
In my trainings and coachings, I use my passion and expertise to provide you with tools and knowledge that will help you and your team to master challenges successfully and efficiently.

I am passionately interested in the human spirit and intercultural behaviour.

In addition to my work as a trainer, I am a passionate alpinist, mountain biker and gladiator, as well as chairman of the board of the Gladiator School Trier e.V.

DiSC® Trainer in the region of Luxembourg and Trier

Efficient and productive work is also always dependent on our interpersonal behaviour. 

In DISC training we face two problems:

  1. Are we who we think we are?
  2. Do we perceive others the way they want to be perceived?

The DISC test helps you and your team to clarify these questions quickly and without major changeover processes, thus making interpersonal interaction uncomplicated and unproblematic.

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my focus

Interpersonal Competence

In our ever smaller world, the problems of the current generations are rarely the problems of individuals. Rather, we need large and cooperative approaches to solving them, which puts the cooperation of all of us in the foreground, both on a private and a business level. No facet of our identity is detached from the complexity of existence. The key to meeting this challenge successfully lies in professional interpersonal competence. In training we take up this challenge and work out successful solution strategies together.

Lack of Communication

Most problems are caused by lack of or incorrect communication. A lack of understanding for the intention of the other person or a lack of empathy are often the cause of disturbed processes. In order to avoid possible complications, it is important to set the right course in advance. The key to meeting this challenge successfully lies in professional interpersonal competence. In training we take up this challenge and work out successful solution strategies together.

Basics of my Trainings and Coachings

I will discuss with you in a personal meeting which approach makes sense for you or your company. My approach to training and coaching is based on four different pillars:

An ever smaller world makes us feel our differences more and more. Learn to understand and interpret these differences and how to deal with them successfully.

Communication is more than just talking, communication means being successful together. It is also important to understand the levels between the words.

The world is becoming digital and many things are now moving in virtual space. This gives us humans more freedom, but also more personal responsibility. It is a conscious approach to ourselves that can help us to make the best of ourselves. 

There is no escaping the possibility of differences of opinion. The problem is also not their existence, but rather how to deal with them. Learn to counteract an escalation and use the conflict as an opportunity. 

Training and Coaching

Im Team erarbeiten Trainer und Team gemeinsam eine erfolgreiche Trainingsstrategie.


Individual problems require individual solutions – that’s why I work with you to develop a training strategy that will really help you and your team.

In doing so, I attach great importance to scientific, meaningful and recent contents and especially their practical applicability. Only knowledge that is also practical in everyday life will help you to achieve further development.


In order to better meet individual challenges, simple training is sometimes not enough. 

Personal coaching can help here. In doing so, we go into your concerns in depth. What do you want to achieve? What are your goals? 

Beim Coaching gehen Coach und Coachee auf individuelle Herausforderungen ein.


Are you interested in a training and coaching? Get in contact with me!

Feel free to send me your requests – whether business or private, individual or group training – directly via the contact form!

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